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Why choose shutters?

Window shutters are as well suited to modern homes with contemporary design schemes as they are to more traditionally styled homes and décor. Shutters are enjoying a sustained boom in popularity and are the UK's fastest growing window coverings product.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters offer a host of practical benefits that simply can't be matched by blinds or curtains.

From a design perspective, window shutters with light diffusing louvres add class and a distinctive elegance that's a touch above the rest.

You can buy shutters in white and neutral paint finishes and a wide range of woodstain tones, so there's something to complement every home's colour scheme.

Practical benefits of shutters

Window shuttersShutters offer great control over the amount of light entering a room. This is achieved by altering the angle of the slats and through various styles of plantation shutters including:

- Full height shutters: the simplest solution, covering the full length of a window opening;

- Tier on tier: separate sets of shutters covering the top and bottom of the window, giving four sections that can be opened or closed independently of each other;

- Café style: shutters covering most of the window, but leaving part of the top uncovered to deliver a mix of privacy and incoming light.

UK shutters

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By closing your shutters and leaving windows or doors open, you can also enjoy the benefits of fresh air whilst maintaining your privacy.

Shutters can also help to reduce how much sound comes into your room from outside (or the other way around!).

You can buy wooden shutters made from a choice of woods. These vary in price, apperance and benefits, ranging from cheap MDF shutters to premium, high quality hardwood shutters.

Frames and shutters can be mounted outside or inside a recess, so can be fitted to almost every style of windows (including bay windows).

Where to buy shutters online

Your choice of where to buy shutters will depend mainly on whether you'd prefer to measure up and fit your shutters yourself or have everything done for you.

Read our where to buy shutters article for more information and fast, easy links to featured suppliers.